A Guide to Wedding Ring Shopping


Engagement rings are probably one of the most thought out and well planned jewellery available. Often times, people take ages to find the perfect engagement ring and just settle for a plain wedding band. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a classic gold wedding band, it is important that you and your fiance should take the time to choose your wedding rings carefully, after all you will both be wearing these rings for the rest of your life.

While this can be quite overwhelming, here are a few tips to make things easier for you:

Set Your Budget
Before you go out and pick your style, make sure that you have a set budget first. This will make things easier and will help you narrow down your choices. Generally, it is recommended that you set aside 3% of your wedding budget for your rings, however, this number does not necessarily need to be followed since every couple has different tastes and preferences.

If you were wondering about the price of these rings, you can buy plain gold wedding bands starting at $150 while other materials like platinum can start at $500 and over.

Shop Around
Whether you are buying from online gold jewellery stores or from brick and mortar jewelry shops, you should take time to shop around. Try out different styles and compare the prices of the stores or websites you have visited. Do not be in a rush and sooner or later, you will definitely find the perfect ones that will suit you and your fiance. You should also ask if they offer discounts if you buy both your rings in the same place. Do not be pressured into buying from the shop you first visited.

Give Yourself Time
Some may find the perfect wedding ring in no time, while others may take a while. The important thing is that you do not rush it and you should take the time at looking at wedding bands. However, it is important that you start early on and do not leave it until the last minute because this will only end in disaster.

Start at least two months before your wedding, but if you want a more specific and customized design, you should start earlier than that. Wedding rings come in a variety of styles so it will definitely take time especially if you are looking for something specific and unique.


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